Why You Should Do NaNoWriMo



1. Because you have nothing to lose.
If you don’t make it to the full 50k, who cares? You’ll have 1,000 or 10,000 or maybe even 25,000 more words written down than you did before. Even if you don’t officially win NaNoWriMo, you can’t lose, unless you don’t do it.

2. Because it’s an adventure.
You know those conversations where everyone is saying that they’re stuck in a rut, they wish they could do something different, etc? Well, here’s something different. This is like bungee jumping, except it lasts a whole month and you don’t risk a painful death. This is that kind of adrenaline.

3. Because you won’t be alone.
Trying to do something new on your own can kind of suck, and you get demotivated very quickly [see: my entire first and second years of university] if you feel like you’re an island. But NaNo is now at over 700,000 participants and counting, and unlike most enormous communities, we’re pretty tight knit. We have regional groups all around the world of around 20 to 50 people who meet up regularly during the month, we have forums and forum groups where you can meet cool people who will inspire you [see the Overachievers’ threads in the Beyond 50k forum, for example]. And tons of people, of all ages, start their very first novel ever on November 1st every year. Isn’t this the perfect time to try it?

4. Because you don’t know what’s inside you until you look.
You might think you don’t have ideas, or aren’t creative, or that you can’t write a novel. You might think that you are totally inadequate for this. But how do you know? If you’ve never tried, how do you know?

5. Because, SERIOUSLY, you have nothing to lose.
No one ever has to see what you write. Write for YOU. For the experience, the adventure, the love of it, whatever. Pick one and do it. NaNo is about you writing purely for the sake of writing and for the enjoyment of it. So why not try?


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