The Tempest and the Firestorm

We want so badly to be free. To roam and explore and grow and breathe and live.

What do we need to be free from? Aren’t we in control of our lives? Perhaps we want freedom from the mediocrity that always threatens to invade. Because along with responsibility and routine (which are not, of course, bad things in and of themselves) comes the difficult-to-resist tedious day to day sameness, which has a numbing effect. Before you know it you are stagnant, unmoving, unchanging, living life with your eyes half closed and doing everything mechanically. We have to be intentional about living – not the surviving part, but the thriving part. We are meant for so much more than simply breathing in and out.

Are you surviving? Or are you alive?

I am not interested in living on the edge;
I am interested in jumping off it.
-from “Like a Dance” in Take Me There

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