Thursday Thoughts: Share the Love

Why do we have this weird culture of not telling each other how much we mean to each other (I mean platonically – don’t even get me started on anything else)? Why is it weird to care about people? To love your friends? We complain about being isolated and unloved but then we think it’s weird and mushy when someone is open about it. We breed a culture of ‘playing it cool’ and being aloof, and then complain about how distant everyone is. I mean, I tell the people in my life that I love them, or at least I try to. Because how stupid is it that so many people sit around thinking that no one cares about them, when actually they do, but they don’t say it because they feel weird about it? Nah fam. We’re not in high school anymore, you know? Spread the friend love. Because in this super insecure society, no one knows it unless you say it.

Friends are precious. And the older you get, the more you realize just how infrequently real friendship comes along. And you know…we’re all just people. Everyone needs affirmation sometimes. Everyone needs to know that they matter. That someone misses them when they’re not there. That in this world of super digital-ness, someone wants to talk to them and spend time with them because of who they are.

So say it. Life is short. Make sure the people you love know it.

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