Authenticity: genuine; a significant, purposive mode of human life – integrity, consistency, honesty, transparency

 A while ago, I self published a collection of poetry entitled Attempting Authenticity. It was a raw and real portrayal of me at that time, with all my faults and flaws, no pretenses. I write about all sorts of things, but the thing I always try to strive for is authenticity. Here you’ll find the truth, raw and real.


I’ve been writing ever since I gave it a try when I was twelve and I haven’t been able to stop since then. This year I’ve finally started publishing my fantasy series (beginning with the Shard Trilogy) as well as my historical romance series, Love in Devonshire.

At the moment I live with my awesome husband and our two cats, Aragorn and Faramir in a little cottage by the sea, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

16 thoughts on “About”

  1. Veronique!- I’d have to agree with mom on this one…your name even implies your coolness. Keep up the writing!


  2. Hi

    I saw your post on the NaNo South Africa – Elsewhere forum and then jumped to your profile. Was extremely excited to see that you’re a prospective med student and, even better, also a Christian!

    In my state of excitement I wanted to NaNoMail you to say hi, but my newbieness let me down and I couldn’t figure out how to send it… 😦

    Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your blog and I hope you get selected for med school.


    1. I’m glad you got to my blog, then! And welcome to NaNo, I hope you enjoy it 🙂 If you have questions please ask. By the way, to send nanomail you go to the profile of the person you want to send it to, and there should be a link just below their avatar/photo which you can click.

      Glad to hear you’re a Christian, as well 🙂 Look forward to talking to you more!


      1. Yup, can’t wait for November!

        And on the nanomail side, I did all that, but the mean program wouldn’t let me send… Must be on strike or something!


  3. This is a truly lovely site. How nice it is to find a Christian site that seeks to find Christ and not a mirror reflection. Your prose is both thoughtful and elegant, and a pleasure to read. I’ve not had time or occasion to explore deeply enough, but I look forward to so doing. I hope God will assist you in living a fruitful life, with your sorrows manageable and your joys sublime.


      1. I’ve now read a bit further, and I’m finding it more than interesting. Your writing shows courage in referencing the idea of sin. Usually, in this era, the idea is scoffed at as nonsense (relativists scare me) or is presented as a sort of unreasoning, reflexive response to anything which varies in any degree with one’s own perceptions of right and truth. I am particularily struck by your use of the fire-as-purification imagery. I wont fill this comment page with a treatise, but I would be interested to know what your general theological perspective is. ( Not, I hasten to add, to argue with or refute it.) I am 62 years old, and struggle to prevent the sort of intellectual and spiritual fossilization that often happens to people my age, so I am always interested in other voices, both those who augment my beliefs, and those who challenge them in a constructive way.


        1. Thanks again for taking the time to read more of my posts. I don’t consider myself a theological expert so I’m not sure that I can answer your question in those terms, but I can tell you that I believe that the Bible is God-inspired, and that it is true. I believe that the Bible alone should be our foundation for everything we know and learn about God and about the way He wants us to live – not parts of the Bible taken out of context, but the Bible as a whole. I believe and hope that everything I have written on this blog is consistent with that. If you would like to discuss this further (as I’m not sure this is answering your question), please feel free to email me at africanstardust@gmail.com and I would be happy to discuss it more in depth.


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