Stars and Mirrors

I am my creativity
no longer do I belong
to myself, but to all
who read me, see me

stars and mirrors
I break apart into words,
images, sounds, music
I am not mine anymore

my breath is stardust
my sighs are laced with
drops of ink, splattered
onto pages of souls

I dissolve into words
all of me is broken up
into little letters made
and erased with one stroke

I am my creativity
stars and mirrors
my breath is stardust
I dissolve into words.

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Soul Machine

gears grind like gnashing teeth
chopping up the bowels of me
blood gushes, thunder rumbles
the soul machine never ceases

once there was a person here
her heart still beat and wind still
roared through dark, damp snakes
the tunnels in her lungs

blood pulsed to a thudding beat
skin warmed and shoulders shrugged
off worries like little snowflakes
sweat glowed, body shivered

the soul machine grunts and groans
scrapes heavy metallic feet on the
icy steel floor, leaking red ink and
words fall to paper like forest leaves

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Coming Back

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I was feeling disconnected from myself and feeling  a little paralyzed as a result. So although I’m never one to “go back” to things (choosing instead to always move forward), I realize that something that has helped me a lot in the past was blogging. Aside from the occasional post about writing, I haven’t been blogging very much, and I think I’d like to get back to it.

Blogging is like art journaling. It’s creativity without pressure. It’s feeling free to let my mind do its thing and not worry about what the result might look like to other people. This blog, right here, is my own little sanctuary of whatever-I-want-ness. Because as much as other people have the right to existence, the right to an opinion, the right to make decisions, so do I. And this is where that has always happened, from when I was seventeen years old. That’s right, y’all, this blog is that old.

And today I need a little bit of me again. So, in the words of Samwise, “Well…I’m back.”

Words About Words

Sometimes when I try to write, it’s like all of my words have dried up. I can’t express what I want to express. For a writer, this is quite the predicament to be in. I don’t want to write just for the sake of writing – to come up with some profound sounding drivel that actually doesn’t mean anything at all. There’s too much of that floating around the world already. It took me a while to be okay with these kinds of days, when the words just won’t come back. It doesn’t make you a failed writer; it doesn’t mean your creativity is gone. It just means that when the words do start to flow again, they’ll come in droves and bring their friends.

Photo: A page from Leaves of Grass by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Having Tea With Words


Over the past two years or so, this blog has somehow gone from being a general place for me to spout thoughts to being a series of posts about God and life with Him. Which is…kind of awesome, mostly because it happened without my making a conscious decision about it.

However, today I find myself wanting to write about something a little bit different. Specifically, funnily enough, blogging.

It goes against my writer, artist, creative-type grain to embrace technology. This is admittedly a little bit stupid, since technology has made all sorts of creative processes so much easier. I am slowly but surely starting to switch over, more because I literally no longer have space for hundreds of books and journals, due to my enormous collection of books and journals (which now fill up my room at home, my room in Cape Town, as well as nearly all the shelves in the lounge of my flat).

Anyway, that’s not really the point. The point is…I have discovered that I really like reading blogs. With social networks and it being all too easy to transfer your entire life to the internet, technology has managed to alienate us from each other. However, one of the good things it has done to connect us is the blog world.

God made all these people. All the people in the world. And yeah, you can say you’re going to travel around and meet as many as you can, but let’s be honest: it’s not so practical. But with this blog thing…you can see little bits and pieces of people’s lives, little snippets of who they are or pretend to be or aspire to be, and it’s really kind of fascinating. And it’s also made me appreciate even more how amazing God is, to make all these different people…every one unique, with unique dreams and flaws and thoughts. It’s kind of amazing, actually.

So…if you have time, and if you feel like it, make some tea and go to the Freshly Pressed page or type in a topic you think is interesting. The “Life” topic makes for some interesting reading. Don’t waste your life on it or anything, just…check it out.