Veronique’s Life Adventures, Continued

At this moment, I am sitting on a barstool without a backrest at a high counter with a table easel to put my work on because it hurts to bend forward and write like a normal human being. I am wearing a brace that goes around my neck and torso. The skin on my jaw and chin is red and irritated and on the verge of becoming a raw wound because of the brace. My back did not take into account when it fractured that I am in the last semester of my Honours year with four huge essays, two huge tests, and a giant thesis still before me. It apparently didn’t think things through properly. The horse that threw me off also did not take any of this into consideration (thanks a lot, Lady).

But. This is life, isn’t it? Things like this don’t happen if you’re just spending your life sitting on the couch. This happened because I am living. I am doing things. I am making my life as adventurous and full as I can. And that is not something that I will ever regret or wish away. So even though I am intensely frustrated, very super duper behind with my work, and planning a ceremonial Burning of the Brace when this plastic and foam creature can finally come off, I am thankful. Thankful that I just missed landing on my neck, thankful that this isn’t permanent, thankful for all the amazing people who visited me in the hospital (aka the Pit of Awfulness), for how amazingly helpful my friends and family have been, and thankful that this happened because I am living my life to the full. I am thankful for so many things that if I were to list them all, this would be a novel, not a blog post. And so the frustrations, while they are huge and my current reality, will pass eventually and somehow I will catch up with my work and everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay in the end. That’s all I know.

Yara and Aaronashe

So, you may or may not recall that my niece was born about two and a half years ago. I wrote her a poem, but never posted it. I am SUPER happy to say that her little brother, Aaronashe, was born on January 3rd, and he got a poem, too. I thought I would post them here, since I’m an excited auntie and seriously, for real, have the coolest family ever. (P.S. – I feel very privileged to have been able to be at both of their births, and that their awesome parents are so willing to allow us to share their lives).

Yara and I, the day after she was born
Yara and I, the day after she was born

YARA – June 24, 2010

Tip-toe, tip-toe, don’t wake the worry;

let it sleep, let it sleep a while longer.

Wait an hour, wait an hour or two;

it doesn’t help, doesn’t help to worry.

Sit here now, though the room is unlit;

still, don’t wake, don’t wake the worry.

The air is light, not heavy, light and clean.

Doesn’t it know how heavy it should be?

The waiting, the waiting makes us worry.

Will the princess show her face?

Please, God, let them be as right as rain;

we are undone, we are undone.

Then finally we go to see

the princess in her tower.

Here the air is sweet and filled

with Someone’s fragrant breath.

A golden glow warms up the dark

and angels surely have attended

when the princess’ face appeared

to lead her gently in.

When I hold her, she is strong,

unafraid, this little princess,

with long fingers curled in fists,

with dark eyes of knowing wisdom.

Life is just a passing breath

like mist that flees before the morning sun;

but when a new life dawns,

it’s no less glorious.

Aaronashe and I, the day after he was born
Aaronashe and I, the day after he was born

AARONASHE – January 3, 2013

Tonight, tonight

aflame and bright

your little heart

gave a beat in the light;

Your little lungs

breathed their first sigh,

as your bid your home

a quiet goodbye.

Out to the world,

a place unknown;

adventures wait,

a warrior’s own.

Your paths made clear,

your soul held dear;

your Father’s hands

to steer your plans.

The world awaits;

the warrior come,

the journey begun,

the flame has sprung.

No fear, here;

no weak reserve.

The warrior come,

the fire has begun.