What Moves You

rainy days, clouds in the sky again
my limbs protest but my fingers rage
pen and ink, feathers on the floor
find me something to live for

what pretends but never apprehends
the apathy my soul seems to bleed
pen and ink, breathe life into me
find me something to live for

can you feel me
can i even breathe
pen and ink, sink to the ocean floor
find me something to live for

poor poets crush their hearts on
cement floors, dark halls, blue ghosts
pen and ink, make my words dance
find me something to live for



It’s funny, as you’re growing up, how you jump from passion to passion. It’s like we know that we are created to feel passionate, to have passion, to live with passion, but because we’re not quite there yet we fill that space with different things. You sort of decide to feel strongly about something. And you see people around you living with so much passion that they are almost defined by it, and you have passion FOMO (fear of missing out).

But then when you get older, things come up on their own. And you start fighting for certain things, and speaking up about certain things, and suddenly passion starts to feel real. Suddenly, you understand why being passionate can drive a person to do anything, give up anything, go to any lengths, to see the thing they’re passionate about become real, or become free, or become better.

I’m passionate about God. I’m passionate about writing. I’m passionate about fantasy. I’m passionate about women who are downtrodden, and ending violence against women, and protecting children from the same thing. I’m passionate about language and about every person being able to read the Bible in their own heart language, because yes, it matters. And I didn’t go looking for any of the things I’m passionate about – that’s the funny part. I used to read fantasy as a kind of “this is cool, it has dragons” thing. I used to avoid the news so I didn’t hear about women being raped or abused or killed by husbands who apparently don’t have time to invest in a divorce. I used to argue with anyone who said I should write. I used to say the one thing I would never do is become a missionary. And I used to find God boring.

Our passions arise slowly, like a fairy emerging from a flower, like a baby being born, like a beautiful, unexpected summer morning after weeks of chilly spring. We don’t go looking for them; they find us. They are not man made or something we can control or make decisions about. And that is precisely why they are passions. While passion isn’t everything, and hard work plays an enormous role, I can guarantee you that you’ll work that much harder if you’re passionate about what you’re doing.

Passion: a strong and barely controllable emotion. An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

What are you passionate about?