It’s been a week and a day since a man threw a rock at my head. No, it’s not so serious physically. Maybe I should be able to handle it better.

People ask me how I am. I’m fine. What else do you say? You’re not going to have a breakdown in front of Leslie Social on campus in the middle of the day. Because if I say how I really am, that’s what will happen. “I’m fine” is what I can get out without crying.

Oh yeah, I’m fantastic. I’m depressed all the time and I cry when I get home, and when I wake up. It was a spiritual attack more than anything, and yeah, I feel attacked. I apologize for not being made of steel or for being one of those people who can let it just roll off of them. I feel attacked. I feel every ounce of how much the enemy hates me and doesn’t want me here. Yes, I know, God is greater. I KNOW those things. My parents are missionaries, for goodness’ sake. How would I not know these things? I know that I’m an overcomer because of Jesus. I know I am victorious. I know that. And yet, here I sit on my bed, crying because I feel totally overwhelmed and like I’m drowning in all of this. “Pray for your emotions!” Thanks, I know. “Don’t let your emotions rule you!” Yeah. I know. “Don’t let the enemy accomplish what he wanted to.” Sorry. I’ll add that to my list of things to work on, including “Don’t be such a freaking failure.”

These are all things that pop into my own head. It’s easier to project them on other people, but actually everyone around me is being very supportive and understanding towards me, more than I am towards myself. I expect myself to just be fine, and to be able to handle it, and to be ok.

But I’m not ok, and that’s ok. I’m afraid to walk home from campus, and that’s ok. I’m depressed, and that’s ok. I’m tired all the time, and that’s ok. I’m behind with my academics, and that’s ok. I’m overwhelmed by everything, outward things and inward things, and that’s ok. I cry all the time, and that’s ok. And God knows, and He understands, and He knows how deeply this is affected me, and He doesn’t expect me to be made of steel because He more than anyone else knows how weak I am.

There, I said it: I am weak. I’m weak. I’m a wimp. That rock knocked whatever pride I had left out of me. I have nothing left that shows that I, on my own, am strong at all. I am a crying, snotty mess who is afraid to walk alone on Main Road in the middle of the day with people around. I have to ask God for strength to get out of bed, let alone do what I have to do that day. And you know what? That’s a good place to be. So even though I’m in a bad place (and no, I’m not ok at all) I know that God is strong for me. My faith in Him is not shaken. He protected me; something much worse could have happened that day, but He protected me. I didn’t even have a concussion. I’m not ok, and I’m weak, and that’s ok because He is strong. And eventually, maybe not anytime soon, but eventually, I’ll be ok again and I won’t feel like getting out of bed and getting dressed and leaving my flat takes an impossible amount of effort.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I need them.

A Little Something Like This

Take that book you’re always quoting. Yeah, the Bible. Take it in your hands. Feel the pages, shuffle through, bend the covers. Have you read it through?
Take God’s word in your hands. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is Jesus. Take Him in your hands. Feel the pages. Those words you fling like weapons, feel them in your hands. God’s word. God. Those words you fling like weapons.
Using them to back up some theology. Using them to judge and hurt and lacerate. Each sting like a whip, taking lines out of context. Have you read it through? Who is God to you? What are you trying to do? Build a kingdom for yourself and prove your intelligence, or humble yourself before the King of Kings? Where is love? What do you want in the end? To convince everyone you’re right at the cost of Christ, or to say what HE says? To be His love, to be His light?

Speaking truth versus speaking lies; they can’t coincide. Choose one and stick by it, don’t defend lies with twisted truth, taking a word here and there. Are you afraid? The Word is fire, refining, unflinching, burning up all impurities. Can you take Him as He is? Can you face Him in all His glory, not the little god you’ve created and put in a box you can carry around like a dog in a purse?

Open your eyes. Open your heart and your arms, stand, terrified if you must, but stand before Him, let His fire rush through. Salve can only be applied when there’s been a fire, soothing can only come when there’s something to soothe. Let your hard heart be broken out of its shell, somewhere – somewhere – there’s still a live, beating one, a pulsing heart.

Integrity; consistency; humility.

Why so determined to make lies out of truth? Only the truth will set you free. What’s more important, God Himself or your theology? Make up your mind and call it like it is. The world needs no more lies, no more rules and regulations, no more burdens. God’s yoke is easy and His burden is light. The truth is in His Word and the truth will set you free. Make up your mind; no more compromise. Choose between pride and God’s freedom, truth, and light; it’s one or the other. Decide.