How to Love Yourself

Sometimes I come at life from the wrong angle, especially when it comes to taking care of myself, and I’m sure many of you can relate! This is partly why exercising regularly, for example, is difficult for me. Instead of thinking “I love and respect my body enough to take care of it” and viewing exercise as a way to love myself, I think “I had better get out there and run or I’m a failure at life.” Like I said, the wrong angle. And I have to remind myself of this often.

So! Reminding myself and you, here are some ways to love yourself, respect yourself, and treat yourself well. We’re worth it. ❤ ❤ ❤

  1. drink more water! the cells in your bod will thank you.
  2. exercise more! but make it fun (dancing, playing a sport). endorphins = yay.
  3. eat well! love yourself enough to only put good things into your body, not low-key poison (MSG, anyone).
  4. connect with nature! give your cells some vit-D, give your lungs some fresh air, and remind yourself that you’re a human being with a soul, not a robot. be outside and listen to the trees and the wind and the birds.
  5. do fun things for the sake of them! not everything has to have a point. color because you like coloring. bake because you like baking. garden because you like gardening.
  6. know your self-care things! maybe it’s sitting down for half an hour with herbal tea and a magazine. maybe it’s knitting. maybe it’s making soap. it doesn’t really matter what it is-just figure it out and then do it daily. you deserve to be taken care of, and who better to take care of you than you?
  7. get more/better sleep! there are several things you can do to improve your sleep quality, and beyond that, make sure you’re sleeping enough. don’t skimp on sleep for anything. the rule of thumb is, the more stressed and busy you are, the more important sleep becomes.
  8. eliminate the bad stuff! take a look at who you spend the most time with, and what you spend the most time reading or thinking about. I’m not saying be in denial, I’m just saying that you’re no one’s trash can. don’t allow yourself to be one. you. deserve. more.

Do you have any other self-love or self-care tips?

T-Minus 36 Hours

Ok people, it’s the 30th and NaNoWriMo is happening the day after tomorrow. If you plan to stay up until midnight to start, then it happens rather soon! About 36 hours, in fact. The point is, it’s almost here! So here are some more practical tips for starting the month off right. I’ve already posted a more general tips thing and some other NaNo 2013 blogs, but this is the hands-on, nitty-gritty stuff!


Good Snacks For NaNo

Soooo a lot of people eat tons of chocolate and candy and junk food during NaNo. While I totally understand this, it’s better to eat healthier so that your brain can actually function instead of just try to keep you breathing. Obviously candy will happen, but some other, healthier snacks that are easy, fast, and in some cases eat-able-while-you-write, are:

1. baby carrots

2. tzatziki & wholewheat crackers (you can make your own tzatziki if it’s too expensive)

3. popcorn (if you pop it on the stove using olive oil it’s much healthier)

4. toast & peanut butter

5. protein powder with milk (preferably a healthy brand, not one with a bunch of added stuff)

Posture Pizazz


1. Especially if you’re going for a higher word count, but even if you’re doing the traditional 50,000 in a month, your posture is really important. I know it’s temping to lie on your bed and write, but your back will murder you in your sleep if you do this all month. Try to sit at a desk or table when you write.

2. It’s good to vary your position now and then, especially in a long writing stretch. If you have a laptop, alternate between a comfortable position for your neck/back and a comfortable position for your arms/wrists. You can’t have both with a laptop, but if you alternate it will help. If you have a separate keyboard you can use, definitely use it; elevate your laptop/monitor on a stack of books until you can keep your back/neck straight while looking at it (at eye level, in other words), and put your keyboard on the desk so that your hands can rest comfortably while writing.

3. Get up regularly. When you take a writing break, try to spend at least half of the break actually standing/walking/doing jumping jacks/stretching, and not just surfing the ‘net.

Other Stuff

1. Write whenever you have time, even if it’s 15 minutes. You don’t have to get your whole word count in one sitting.

2. If you live with other people, whether your family or roommates, explain what you’re doing and ask them not to bother you while you’re writing.

3. Do use the forums (especially the Shoutout forum) to check in, motivate others, and get motivation for yourself!

4. ENJOY IT. Aside from the actual writing, the point of NaNo is that it’s fun. So have fun 🙂

Warning Novelist at Work Neon Light Sign

Tomorrow Night is the Big Night!

If you’re staying up until midnight, it’s tomorrow night, people! That’s exciting! I’ll post another short blog tomorrow before I get started.

I’ve started a vlog about NaNo but I don’t know if I’ll keep it going. Also, here is my day one spreadsheet and here is my month spreadsheet in case you want to see how it’s going 🙂

A day and a half to go!