A Day in the Life

Right, so the last few posts I’ve written have been slightly morose and a bit of a downer, so I thought we’d spice it up a little bit. To be fair, it’s been quite an adjustment to this new lifestyle, and I’ve always lived up to my “I’ll be real on this blog” promise, so that’s what’s been happening. But there are less…uh…”will I have food this month” realities to write about, so here we go! A day in the life of an indie author. Or, at least, a day in the life of me. An indie author.

3 am: Wake up in a bit of a stressed sweat, pull the laptop out from under the bed. Check book sales, cry over the three or so fickle Instagram followers that I lost. Other social media. Post, post, post. Have a presence and all that.
3:30 am: Pick up my phone. Bite lower lip. What’s an interesting way of taking a picture of my laptop (open to Scrivener, of course) that I can take? What haven’t I done before? Squint at laptop screen. I mean, there are only so many ways to photograph a laptop. Settle for the usual and hope the People of Instagram find it charming and quirky.
4:00 am: After posting an Instagram photo, write or edit. Like the wind. If the inspiration and productivity dries up, keep going anyway because food is a thing that we need. Stopping is not an option.
6:00 am: Cuddle with husband and cats.
6:30 am: Write some more even if Captain Creativity doesn’t show up. Again, food. I need it.
8:00 am: Take a short nap. Yay sleep.
10:00 am: Breakfast with the Husband. Or, rather, lunch, because I have around 4 hours of work under my belt already.
11:00 am: Get back to work, but not before posting another Instagram photo because social media is basically the Mob in ancient Rome and I have to court it. Look at the photo I took and laugh inwardly at the fact that people think I am actually this put together. No, friends. I am not. And neither is my laptop (though it is a Macbook Pro, and we Instagram peeps all know that counts for a lot, know what I’m sayin’).
Late afternoon: Reading. Yes, because a) I like books, okay? and b) the best writers are good readers. I’m on Goodreads, by the way, if you’d like to connect with me. I’m all for that. Seriously, come find me so we can nerd out about books together. (This also constitutes another Instagram photo).
After late afternoon: More writing and editing. Another photo.
Early evening: Take a break. Cook and eat dinner with my husband, and chill with him. Money or not, we prioritize spending time with each other, because otherwise what is life, even?
After dinner: A lot of social media. An insane amount. Find more people to follow, comment on their posts, and invest in relationships with people I already follow who are cool and deserve support. The world of the Indies is one where you had better freaking have each other’s backs.
Before bed: Maybe write and edit some more, but honestly…mostly feel happy about the five or six Instagram followers I gained, about the cool people I met that day, about the progress I made, about the books I sold, and about the fact that I get to do what I love every day. And most of all, feel happy that I’m trapped by Husband and Cats. Yeah. Mostly that.

The Long Haul, Episode 3

Hello, old friend. I was expecting to see you much more this semester, but for some reason I didn’t. Now, however, I get the feeling you’re about to make up for your long absence.

For previous episodes, feel free to check out The Long Haul and The Long Haul Episode 2. Unfortunately this time I started my all nighter at 5 pm this afternoon and was at the UCT library taking pages of notes so I could be done with my research in time before the place closes at 10 (who the freaking heck made that silly decision???). Aaaaanywho, I was going to hang around campus and spend the night in the commerce labs (aka The Place We Go To Because For Some Silly Reason The Humanities Labs Are Less, Smaller, And Close Earlier Even Though We Have More Essays To Write), but then it got cold and I wanted coffee, and then the library closed and I had to make a decision, so here I am at home, sitting by the heater and waiting for the water to boil for COOOOFFFEEEEE.

In short, I have to write one humongous paper with tons of references/citing about the role of the Bhagavad Gita in Hinduism, and one smaller essay about Chinese religions which right now is looking like a picnic compared with its mammoth counterpart, in addition to several Greek and Hebrew assignments. I spent five hours without breaks taking ten full pages of notes by hand on the Bhagavad Gita in addition to skim-reading a large part of it. If I’m not an amateur expert on this thing now, then there is no hope for mankind. Yes, I am stalling. {A disclaimer/don’t-murder-me plea: yes, I am aware that I have the ability to prevent these things, and yes, I am aware that lots of people have had to do many all nighters…I am also aware that they have the ability to prevent these things just as much as I do. I shall not be yelled at for having better time management skills, nor shall I be deprived of my long and rambling blog [the sole purpose of which is to keep me motivated] because of it. That is all.}

10:41 pm: Soooo combing other people’s books for quotes/information to use actually doesn’t translate into writing an introduction. No one tells you this, and even though you yourself have realized this multiple times before, it never gets better. *sigh* However, this is still not as bad as The Long Haul. Nothing is as bad as AP World History, even if there is more work involved. Nothing.

11:51 pm: Hey look, it’s almost midnight and an hour later and I have TWO WHOLE PARAGRAPHS. *makes coffee* On the bright side, my paper is perfectly, immaculately formatted. I did not spend 10 minutes on this to put off the actual writing, what are you talking about? I am also not using Wikipedia. Nope. Also, are you aware of all the distractions out there? Who knew there were so many fake internet religions?

12:47 am: I’m finally on a roll. The first few paragraphs of a paper are always the hardest for some reason. Anyway, no one can say I haven’t done my research. Now I almost have too much to say.

2:20 am: Hooray for being done with my massive paper! Well, mostly. I still have to type up the bibliography. I’m hoping we didn’t have to use all the sources, because I found some of my own that were way better, and I went over the word requirement as it is.

3:41 am: My brain isn’t working. This is so pathetic. I’m trying to read this Confucianism stuff and my brain is literally not working. *makes coffee*

4:49 am: Aaaaaand it’s almost dawn. This is awesome. Is it just me or does time actually go faster at night…*makes coffee*

5:57 am: Well this was considerably less exciting than the other episodes, partly because I was working instead of blogging, which I guess is a step forward. Anyway, I got most of the work done…I still have a bit to do on the smaller essay, but it’s not major. Yay! And now I’m going to get ready for the day. Who needs sleep anyway? The coffee people will be seeing me a few times before I come home again, methinks……


I just wanted to let all four of my faithful readers know that I probably won’t be posting at all for a week. Would you like to know why? I’ll tell you. I was a very, very bad girl and didn’t *quite* stick to my schedule for school the way I should have. I now have about 40% of AP English Language, AP World History, and French II to finish in seven days. That’s right, folks, seven days. So as you can imagine, I’m going on school-induced lock down for this week. If you must disturb, I strongly suggest you come armed with coffee and food. And air freshener, since I may not have time to shower. Lucky for me, my study partner (a.k.a. my cat) doesn’t much care if I smell not clean, so I won’t have to worry.

And now, fare well. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I wrote a novel in a month. If I can do that, I can do anything. Including this totally insane amount of work.

In fact, wait, I changed my mind. I now officially proclaim this CoInAmWoWe [complete an insane amount of work week]. To win, each participant has to finish around 5% of work in each course per day. That adds up to 15% total for me. I will be posting every day to keep you updated. To all other participants, I wish you luck. We’ve lost our minds, I tell you. The world will never be the same again. Well…*takes deep breath and very large gulp of coffee* Let’s do this.