5 Tips for Inducing Inspiration

We all know that inspiration can sometimes be an elusive creature. People give you advice and say things like “Suck it up, you don’t need inspiration to write, just write, you’re a pansy” etc. Well, pardon me, Oh Wise Givers of Writing Advice, but I happen to enjoy writing (or anything creative) when I’m feeling inspired. But obviously inspiration isn’t always just there, readily available for you to tap into whenever you choose.

5 Tips for Inducing Inspiration | Attempting Authenticity

However, I’ve found that there are several things…habits, if you will…that make it much easier for me to stay in an inspiration cloud so that I can draw on it whenever I need it. I’m not saying all of these will work for everyone, but I am saying that you can actually do things to cultivate inspiration in your life rather than always just waiting for it to hit you.

  1. I start my day by journaling. It’s pretty widely accepted that writing by hand stimulates your brain and stimulates creativity: here’s a cool article on it. Even if I don’t have anything specific to journal about, I just write. But if you need some help getting started, here are a few tips that might help you!
  2. I read every day! It doesn’t matter what you read – just read. I tend to genre hop because I think it’s important for writers to read widely, and I also stick some non-fiction in there. Even if you can just squeeze in five or ten minutes of reading here and there, you’ll find that it will massively help your creative brain. If you need some suggestions, I highly recommend Kindle Unlimited for finding unlimited (ha, see what I did there) books by well-known as well as indie authors!
  3. I get outside at some point during the day. Fresh air does wonders for you, and it’s even better if you take a short walk. It’s just basic science, really! Light exercise increases blood flow, and that includes blood flow to your brain.
  4. I try new things. Part of the reason why we feel like we lack inspiration and creativity is because we get stuck in the same old pattern, the same old routine, and going to the same old places. So try a new coffee place! Take a different route to work/school! Find new music to listen to! There are countless little things you can do to change it up and kick your brain into a different gear.
  5. Find other writer-people. We’re all over the place – blogs like this one, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…there are so many places to find fellow writers who go through the same struggles and challenges. Find your tribe, encourage each other, and draw on others for inspiration when you have none left yourself. (I find the hashtags #writerslife and #amwriting are a good start on Twitter and Instagram.)

So, those are my tips! What do you do to stay inspired?

5 Tips for Inducing Inspiration | Attempting Authenticity

Stylish, Yes?

*gasp* Two posts in a day? Why, this is shocking! Yes, I know. However, a blog is for verbal vomit at times, and I have some mental drivel that needs to be flushed out before I can sleep.

We speak of a writer’s style. You can tell writers by their styles; it’s sort of like a writing fingerprint, except that there is more than one author to a style. But more or less, if I read a piece by Jane Austen or Edgar Allan Poe, I’m going to know it’s them, regardless of whether or not someone tells me.

But I have a dilemma. What is my style? Do I have a style? I know of several, in fact. I will give you a few examples.

The Teen-age Girl
I totally just slammed my funny bone. Ow. Who the heck named this thing??? It feels like a freaking electric current is, like, running up my arm.

The Contemporary
I didn’t know what to think. Was he messing with my head? Did he want me to be mad at him every hour of the day? Because if that was his goal, he was sure as heck achieving it.

The Diplomat
See post content.

The “Pooped”
i’m rEally tied. Im sitting here writng a story but I know I won’ t be able ro rad anyof it.uhg.

I know different writing calls for a different style. But how do you realize what your style is, the one that is your writing fingerprint? And what if your style matches that of an 18th century professor in tweed or a circus clown, when you’re actually an 18 year-old girl? Or am I over thinking this?